About Us

Confident Approach

About Us

Confident Approach is a consulting business service provider that is primarily focused on helping companies improve their sales productivity. Within that focus, we have specialized in two key areas:

  • Precise research of psychological barriers that can be identified at some stage of sales prospecting or business development process, experienced by many sales people and professionals in contact dependent situations.
  • Initiating behavioral change programs which can quickly and effectively eliminate those barriers once they have been properly diagnosed.

Throughout our history, we have successfully balanced good science, sound psychological applications and excellent customer service and support.

We use the best tools, tactics and methods to provide our customers with a confirmed path to find more prospects and produce more revenue.

Our applications and methods are used in many industries and settings, including banking, mortgage banking, telecommunications, software development, computer manufacturing, pharmaceutical sales, insurance, automobile sales, real estate, capital investments, agriculture, consulting, human resources, psychological counseling, and many other areas.

We are proud that we have succeeded to help our clients predict high and low sales producers with up to 73% accuracy.

If your company’s objective is to increase revenue and reach the level of prosper growth, perhaps your starting point should be possibility to increase the number of contacts achieved by your sales department.

We believe that prospecting comes first. Without the ability to comfortably, consistently establish contact with prospective customers, things like personality, selling style, and work ethic are like a genie trapped inside its bottle. They represent unmet potential and unfulfilled wishes.

Our company can offer you proper assessment tools and unique world training programs specifically designed to identify and effectively overcome psychological barriers due to sales call reluctance.