According to results 90% of sales people experience hesitation in initiating first contact with buyers, which is severe enough to restrain sales contact activity altogether.

They hesitate due to an emotional interference that consist of all their feelings, thoughts and behaviour’s that stop them reaching their goals. When it hit salespeople, we call it for Sales Call Reluctance and it is not only the telephone it is every situation when you need to be proactive to advocate your product, services or as a leader your values your way of leadership or as a lawyer to propose a new law. The researcher has found so far 16 different types of Sales Call Reluctance that can stop us reaching our goals. But so, can also what we call impostors do and then we talk about not enough of Motivationnot goal focused instead goal diffused and we measure that to in our diagnostic tool the SPQ Gold/FSA test.

All these types are learned in most cases and if it is learned it can be unlearned and that is our speciality. With less reluctance the salesperson feels better, perform better, stay longer with a higher performance. Everyone is happy except for the competitor.