Suitable to whom? 

Our applications and methods are used in many industries and settings, including banking, mortgage banking, telecommunications, software development, computer manufacturing, pharmaceutical sales, insurance, automobile sales, real estate, capital investments, agriculture, consulting, human resources, psychological counselling, and many other areas.

Everyone can gain from working with Call Reluctance and we do have less effect on business that are about renewal of contracts or you actually get new clients from another source .and on the other hand the more active prospecting or proactive service the job demands the better results we get.

All people in the world are suffering from Call Reluctance or as popular sciences call it The Fear of Self-Promotion. Sales people have less of it compered to any other type of job we have measured. On the other hand, Psychologist are the highest when it comes to the fear of self – promotion in order to get clients. 97% of sales people taking our test says it is relevant for a sales job 3% do not agree and all of them score a special type of Sales Call Reluctance. Buy the book or call us and we tell you what type it is.