Successful Sales

Before you read this. We don’t have all the answers and tools you need but we may have one of the most important tools and research everyone needs to create success. It is not enough and without it you never make success.

The successful sales process generally starts with prospecting, setting appointments, qualifying leads and eventually concludes in closing sales. Most books about selling tell us that prospecting is one of the most important work a salesperson need to do and, in some companies, even the most important work a salesperson does.

What makes sales success is different from branch to branch or from country to country and still we have found something that is equal for top performers regardless of branch and country – successful sales people have more clients toc sell to, they prospect more and network more.

So why do some people prospect more or have easier to develop more contacts than others? Here we found the research of Sales Call Reluctance that actually tell us why. It is three main factors involved. It is do the energy a sales person have to prospect and the will to do the job and how much of that energy goes to prospecting instead of handling Sales Call Reluctance.

Sales Call Reluctance consist of all the feelings, thoughts and behaviour’s that stop you to proactively initiate contact with a prospective clients or business. The researcher Shannon R Goodson and George W Dudley that we have worked with since 1997 have today identified 16 different types of Sales Call Reluctance.

SPQ Gold are measuring the energy you put in to prospect every day the willingness to perform and what that behind the excuses from the salespeople (why they can’t make another call or visit a day or week) that consist of all their thoughts and feelings that keeps them away from reaching the Goals. When you know that you can help the sales person to correct it and in the selection process when recruiting sales people, you can recruit sales people with less reluctance.

With less reluctance a sales person naturally takes more contacts. They also adopt training faster and even the quality in the sales presentation gets better. If you want your salesforce to prospect more let us help you. We will develop the salesforce by reducing their Sales Call Reluctance by running a two-day workshop combined with coaching and we will add the test as a screening tool to your selection process to recruit new salespeople. We also support the sales managers leadership as you can’t coach your team from the locker room. You need to be out where your salespeople playing their match so coaching your team from excel sheets or mail doesn’t work.

We can do that for you or train your staff to do it and even a combination if that feels more convenient.

Let us talk – so give us a call, skype or mail us and we will contact you.


Sales Success through recruiting

One thing to remember when you recruit new sales people anyone to be exact it is that the first criteria you start your selection process with will ensure that all of the last candidates will have that special trait/skill. Most sales organizations we meet complaining that the sales people are not productive enough with other worlds they do not prospect enough. If that is important it is a skill that maybe should be the first selection criteria and if so SPQ Gold is the only test that actually can help you with that.

For a lot of companies using SPQ Gold they use it in the beginning in the selection, so they know they in the end have sales candidates that actually can do the job as prospecting is often one of the most important job a salesperson does and in some companies the most important job they do.

In English speaking countries we also use SPQ Gold that is an upgraded version of SPQ Gold for countries that worked a lot with SPQ Gold. The only translated FSA are in Swedish as Sweden worked with SPQ Gold since 1997. So, you do not need to change your recruitment policy you just need to add SPQ Gold as a screening tool. Try it and measure the result and I am sure you will continue as it makes a difference. Call us so we can start a test period and measure the difference.

We believe a test need to save or earn more money than it cost so we are happy to have the chance to prove that for you in real life.


Sales Success through development

A common problem for many sales-organisations is that most of the sales people have the training they need but the productivity fails they don’t close enough, they do not prospect enough, they sometimes are more professional visitors than businessmen. You also quite often here excuses why they can’t make an extra call or company visit.

So sometimes it´s harder to get your sales-organisation do what they are trained to do that may be the secret for success. So how can we help you? When using the test SPQ Gold or SPQ Gold/FSA we can identify what is the problem behind the excuses or why the productivity it not up to standard. We normally after testing introduce our 2-day workshop “The fear free prospecting and self-promotion workshop” developed by the researchers behind sales call reluctance and combine that with coaching to help them increase their proactivity and lower the hindrance inside them.

It works fantastic for all people that need to sell. Not only professional salespeople but even professionals that a part of their time they are involved in the sales process. We get more and more people that get involved in sales even if they didn´t want that from the beginning.

We have worked with accountant companies, professional consultant companies, technical organisations with great results and still our main customer is the professional salesperson whatever title he/she have.

Sales Success through development of the sales manager

Sales Managers today are often alone. They shall coach their sales team to results and rapport back to the organization. The sales manager employee’s constant and proactively initiate contact with prospective buyers all the time or should anyway.  The rest of the organisations are depending on this department to succeed that’s why sales enablement as a function increases in companies as there is no time to fight inhouse to get the understanding needed as there is enough with work reporting and coaching the sales organisation.

Some managers try to coach from the locker room which doesn’t work. You need to coach where your player plays their match. So, you can’t coach through excel sheets or mail or social media you need to do visits together with your salesforce, have meetings discussing good and bad, see that the right training are provided to the individuals. Some training need to be adopted to the person and some may be important for everyone.

We have a program Personal Best for Sales Managers that will help them doing the job more effectively. It is also based on Sales Call Reluctance.

Sales Success doing it yourself

You maybe want to do all of this yourself and is that possible. That depends how large your organization is and the competence your company has hired. So, the answer is normally yes. We have companies that do all of it, a part of it and some let us do all of it. So what training do I need to handle this myself.

You need to be accredited using the test. You can then participate on our SSSW Scientific Sales Selection Workshop to learn just that. You can after that complement it by attend the CSCRW. The Correct Sales Reluctance Workshop also one day.

You can go through the Management Training Workshop MTW that are four days in Dallas Texas, USA twice a year and get all of that and a little bit more. We do recommend you combine that with some coaching from our side to help the person you choose to train to get the success we all hope and work for.

In Dallas you will meet our researchers and if you want the MTW in Europe you need to be minimum 10 people and then you will meet Christer B Jansson with one of our researchers.

Running the SSSW and the CSCRW is also Christer B Jansson.