Often we get the question can you come and have a speech at our event and our answer is always of course and what is the purpose with the event and what do you want from us?

Since 1997 we have been providing speeches about team development for students at the psychology education at Stockholm University. Other schools during the year that we have had speaches on is IHM Swedens largest private business school, Berghs Swedens larges creative school for communication a lot of different companies from the largest to the smallest and our subjects are team development based on Belbins research, Sales development based on Sales Call Reluctance and selling styles, development of Management Teams, Development of sale organizations, selection of sales people, international business and much more.

Please ask us and we can tell you if we have the competence to deliver or if we know anyone in our network of professional consultants over the world.

Listen to our podcast and you will find some of the subject we think we can handle professionally; https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/confidentapproachs-podcast/id1394066873?mt=2