Management Training Workshop

The hesitation to initiate first contact with prospective buyers is often responsible for the failure of closing sales. Although this is only the first stage of the selling process, initiating contact is vital to success in direct sales. The emotional discomfort to approach new clients and ultimately fail in developing business relationships is called sales call reluctance and this comes in different shapes and types. Results indicate that around 90% of salespeople experience one or more types of call reluctance.

In order to recognize and overcome the effects of sales call reluctance experienced in a sales team, Confident Approach offers a four day sales management training workshop. The course is specially designed for sales managers, consultants, sales trainers and HR professionals. It offers a solution to target and change unproductive and hindering behavior patterns in sales persons and teams to ultimately achieve bottom-line results.

The workshop introduces attendees to scientific methods and assessments on how to identify the presence of sales call reluctance within a sales team and its individual members. The SPQ GOLDassessment enables one to analyse the hindrances and obstacles and emotional barrier that sales people are faced with when selling. Confident Approach will then offer training on how to interpret the results and create an action plan to implement the key outcomes and guide sales people in the right direction.

Through the workshop, participants will become certified to use this scientific assessment and implement it in their sales force. This assessment will enable them to guide their employees in the right direction, identifying their individual hindrances and work on their weaknesses to enhance their selling skills.

Companies like Sunfab hydraulics AB and DHL have benefited from the Confident Approach workshop and have seen a great improvement in their sales teams’ productivity. Read what Dan Crewe, DHL training manager, has to say about how these workshops have helped the company’s sales to grow.

“The most dramatic improvements were in the telesales and field sales teams where the respective results were as follows:

Telesales: 15 outgoing calls per day, 5 days per week before the programme to 22 outgoing calls per day, 5 days per week. Closures improved from 1 in 6 to 1 in 3. This resulted in consistent increase in revenues in a very price sensitive segment of the market.

Field sales: 1,1 visits per day 4 days per week before the program to 4,3 visits per day 4 days a week together with an increase in closures from 1 in 12 to 1 in 4. On a personal front my responsibilities changed from only having responsibility for 1 person to having 60 people and a salary increase of over 34%.”

Read more about how DHL saw sales increase here.

Throughout the workshop participants will receive hand-outs and support material together with active learning workbooks and a copy of Dudley & Goodson’s The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance®.

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