SSPA™ – Selling Style Profile Analysis™

There are various selling style personalities. Instead of force-fitting yourself into somebody else’s mold, why not get some real insight into your selling behaviour?

The Selling Styles Profile Analysis™ is based on a pioneering six-factor model developed by George Dudley and Shannon Goodson. Easy to complete and a snap to interpret, the SSPA™ provides a detailed, colourful report of the strengths and possible limitations of your two primary selling styles:

  • Competition-Oriented Selling™
  • Image-Oriented Selling™
  • Need-Oriented Selling™
  • Product-Oriented Selling™
  • Rapport-Oriented Selling™
  • Service-Oriented Selling™

The SSPA™ also provides exclusive estimates of Style Plasticity™ (flexibility) and test-taking attitudes.

Our results may taste like bad medicine to some managers. They fly in the face of some current sales selection philosophies, particularly those which automatically favour candidates who display high relationship-building skills.

We don’t see the two approaches as polar opposites. We are not saying that measures of rapport and empathy should be discarded. We just do not want you to put cart before the horse.

Before eagerly hiring salespeople who are good at building rapport, make sure they will be able to find enough new customers to build rapport with.