SPQ Gold – Sales Preference Questionnaire

The SPQ*Gold Assessment is one of the most popular tools adapted to measure people’s ability to initiate contact with prospects, first call relocations, hesitations to sell and close sales.

The fear of prospecting, Sales Call Reluctance® and sales hesitation can now be identified with the SPQ Gold – Sales Preference Questionnaire by measuring the prospecting fitness of people whose career is in sales, sales management and customer contact. The SPQ*Gold Assessment clearly classifies how much initiative, energy and drive, an individual has to be able to self-prospect on a consistent level. Furthermore, this assessment tool measures the energy spent on coping with inhibitors such as fear, excuse, avoidance or other emotional barriers that can hinder all of us in the process of Visibility Management.

The fear of sales prospecting can prove costly for the company in missed sales revenue. With the SPQ*Gold Assessment, you will be able to estimate the cost of hesitation that exists within your company and demonstrate how you can win back missed sales opportunities.

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Download an example of the SPQ*Gold results: