Here you will find Confident Approach services offered.


During the selection process Confident Approach can provide you with quick and reliable on-line services such as Candidate Screening and Second Opinion.


Confident Approach excels in recognizing what may be at fault within a company’s sales or marketing team and provides tailor made, call reluctance sales training workshops to target and overcome the problem in order to create a fully sufficient sales team.


Our main business is “train the trainer” so we have with our supplier developed training workshop so we can pass our knowledge and competence to others that want to work and use the tools we do.


Here you will find a battery of assessment tools that we use in our consulting work and that we can supply to our partners and clients.


Since 1997 we have been providing speeches about team development for students at the psychology education at Stockholm University. Other schools during the year that we have had speaches on is IHM Swedens largest private business school, Berghs Swedens larges creative school for communication a lot of different companies from the largest to the smallest and our subjects are team development based on Belbins research, Sales development based on Sales Call Reluctance and selling styles, development of Management Teams, Development of sale organizations, selection of sales people, international business and much more.


Here you will find more about training that we can provide.