Who should take the test?

The SPQ*Gold Assessment has been specially designed and created to assess the attitudes and behaviours of those whose profession is associated with sales prospecting in a variety of settings. Anyone from sales representatives, customer care, sales managers to consultants, psychologists and human resources can benefit from this sales prospecting tool to reveal vital information based on selection, training and career development applications.

The SPQ*Gold Assessment can be applied universally to a number of industries and sales environment, that require the generation of new business from established and/or prospective clients. This Sales Preference Questionnaire effectively distinguishes between low and high sales performers with up to 70% accuracy and can also be applied to supplement management decision-making in reference to personnel matters.

During the selection and development process of the employee’s life cycle, the questionnaire will be able to measure whether a sales candidate or existing employee has the physical and psychological stamina to initiate contact with prospective clients, whether they are strong enough to put forth the effort to cold call or visiting clients and whether they can keep on making prospecting calls consistently.

The test is most suitable for:

  • Representatives who are in charge of recruiting, developing and managing sales organisations such as a sales department/sales managers.
  • People whose profession is to bring in new business by creating new relationships with prospective clients and maintaining existing ones such as Business Development Managers and Customer Relationship Managers.
  • Representatives whose main role is to act as HR and Sales Consultants, Trainers and Recruiters.
  • HR Managers/Executives/Practitioners who would be directly responsible for recruiting sales people.
  • Other top management personnel who are directly responsible for roping in sales.