SPQ Technical

SPQ*Gold Assessment has been designed to measure attitudes and behaviours associated with sales prospecting. Used in a variety of settings from classroom to formal research, this Sales Preference Questionnaire is appropriate for anyone who works in a sales environment or has a direct influence on the attitudes or behaviours of individuals in direct sales.

When a salesperson is hesitant to initiate contact with a prospective client, they are less likely to realise their full potential for success in sales.  The SPQ*Gold Assessment is an essential tool in measuring 12 types of call reluctance, in addition to 3 call reluctance “impostors”, and 3 scales to detect non-standard attitudes towards completing the instrument.

SPQ Gold Foundations

Originally proposed by Dudley and Goodson, Inhibited Social Contact Initiation Syndrome (ISCIS) is a form of emotional escape and avoidance behaviour associated with making the first social contact.  Symptoms are only triggered when meeting new people and usually cease once that first contact has been successfully established.

When ISCIS limits the contact initiation behaviour of direct salespeople, it is called Sales Call Reluctance. Contact initiation with prospective clients is a core competency for salespeople, and thus failure to prospect for new business, can result in poor sales performance. Contact initiation with prospective buyers in essential but not necessarily sufficient for success in sales.