Science based techniques? 

Throughout our history, we have successfully balanced good science, sound psychological applications and excellent customer service and support. We use the best tools, tactics and methods to provide our customers with a confirmed path to find more prospects and produce more revenue.

All techniques we use comes from approved psychological science and a lot of them from cognitive behaviour change methodologies. The methods are in the book of Sales Call Reluctance and are used by trained psychologist all over the world. We do measure more in our test than sales call reluctance that may need other competences.

We also measure what we call impostors. It looks like SCR and have the same effect on productivity and are something else. It is about the amount of energy you have to prospect, if you want tom perform, goal allergic issues, goal diffused etc. and here you need to know what is behind the scale that limit their performance, so you know how you can help the individual to solve it to unleash the salespersons potential. Due to our network and our clients network we do succeed to help everyone that wants to be helped.