Right influence? 

Selling Styles workshop

You can help your staff to directly influence and target their selling styles, behaviour and emotional barriers with the help of Confident Approach’s Sales training or is it Sales Training. Yes, we have sales training to and before that we always do our Selling Styles Profile Analysis to see how they are trained to sell and how skilful they are in that method of selling. Then we discuss with Management from the result what is needed for the group and the individuals. As we got test results we always run a one-day workshop about selling styles, so they can benefit from the results. If you want it more adopted to the company’s way of working, we need a two-day workshop where we use your own selling and marketing material and also have directed roleplay how to handle clients I as sales person want to develop or want as a client. This is a learning and workshop for practice and reflection. It’s a one or two-day Workshop for everyone involved in sales.


The Fear Free Prospecting and Self Promotion Workshop

The other workshop we run is The Fear Free Prospecting and Self Promotion Workshop a workshop specially designed for sales people to handle and correct Sales Call Reluctance always connected with coaching. The whole purpose is to reduce Sales Call Reluctance and increase sales productivity. This is hands on and it always regenerate an increase in business. We have this workshop for leaders to and unemployed managers too. This workshop focuses on doing instead of learning. It is a two or one-and-a-half-day workshop for sales people.


The Scientific Sales Selection Workshop

The third workshop is our Scientific Sales Selection Workshop. Specially designed for people that recruit sales people or people in a contact depending job. Could be consultants that also need to sell, lawyers that need to acquire clients etc. This is a Skill Workshop how to analyse test result for SPQ Gold and SPQ Gold FSA and to see Sales Call Reluctance in real life, so you sometimes don’t even need a test to identify the problem. It is a one-day workshop for people that recruits sales people or training them.



The Scientific Sales Call Reluctance Correction Workshop

This workshop is a one-day workshop about the different methods we use to correct Sales Call Reluctance. WE use the text book and slides to understand how they are working and how to practise them. We also look how to put up a program for a client, so we can correct hers/his Call Reluctance. This is a learning and reflection workshop during one day for trainers.


Management Training Workshop

It is a four-day learning workshop in Dallas. It is run two times a year of our researchers in Dallas Texas, USA. It is run two times a year. If we are more than 10 people, we run it our self with one of the researchers from USA in Europe. With this workshop you get the rights to run the Fear Free and Self Promotion workshop and you don’t need to go through the Scientific or Correction Workshop. It is a learning workshop with some practice and some time for reflection. It is built for Managers and trainers that want to help salespeople to perform.


Career Style Workshop.

A workshop based on our career style test. It’s a one-day workshop to understand how to use and interpret test results but also a workshop for yourself to understand more how you actually work and what you need to be better at.


Tailor made program.

We all in Confident Approach are experienced management consultants with many years in our profession we normally tailor program and processes from what is needed. We also train competitors in our program as it is only on real research about SCR and one test that measure that problem. So please do not hesitate to take contact with us for a dialogue.