Right Approach – Great Results

When it comes to the difference between top performers and low performers it´s all in the mindset. In every country and branch top performers have more clients to sell to than low performers. Why?- they have prospected more, building network, talk to more people, initiate contact instead of waiting to get one etc. We all know that so is not an information problem. Some people have harder to initiate contact with people they don´t know than others. That goes for sales people as well.

We also now through research that early performers is tomorrow top sales people. In some branches cold calls is still very effective and in others not. In some the sales person still now more than the customers and in other branches even the opposite. In others sales look more like management consulting. Still the sales person need to be visible to get contacts and have no problems initiating contact with prospective buyers.

So when it comes to recruiting or more selection we need to find who this people are. Through the test SPQ Gold and FSA we can actually do that so good that we can give you an answer on the three most important question you want to know before hiring a sales person?

You already know them but still I suppose you don’t ask for the answer on them.

How Much will this sales person sell for this company? Is it a low, moderate or Top performer we have in front of us. Wouldn´t a positive indication on this be great.

How Soon as some people is slow starters and some are not. An indication how long time it take to reach the production above would make it even better I suppose.

What Cost indicates how much money do I need to invest during the time it takes for my candidate to reach his/hers maximum production level.

On these questions we can give you an answer before you hire a candidate or find them by use the tool to screen among the candidates you have for the job. Yes test cost goes up and so do sales and total recruiting cost and training cost and sales support goes down so it is of ignorance or own reluctance not adopt this way of working.

The other interesting is your excisting sales force. By finding there mind set and changing that (if they want to adopt a more productive thinking) we can do that today so they produce much more. We use CBT to help sales people change their mind set as long as they want that to a more productive one.

We also know from research that good sales managers are testing different tools and concepts. The things that work they keep and the rest they throw out.

So do you want to know more about thinking right please contact us at Confident Approach.