Case Studies

The Effectiveness of Sales Call Reluctance Training

To improve sales, a new Commercial Director was hired to work closely with the sales team.

Influence of SPQ Gold in Sales Selection

The purpose of this study is to review the impact of SPQ Gold testing on the sales selection process.

Analysis of the Relationship of Telephobia Case Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the Telephobia Salse Call Reluctance profiles of telemarketing representatives.

Customer Engagement: A Core Competency Case Study

A study was conducted to examine current levels of call reluctance across industries and countries.

Comparison of Higher and Lower Producers Case Study

This study was a preliminary exploration of the relationship of SPQ Gold scale scores to actual sales production.

Sales Call Reluctance and Productivity Case Study

SPQ*Gold Assessment was administered to agency managers and account representatives at an insurance company.

Project in DHL Sweden

In 2002 DHL was at a crossroads. Traditional training had not affected the sales in a positive way and something dramatic needed to be done to improve the sales…