Scientific Sales Selection, Orebro/Stockholm

Scientific Sales Selection – Hiring and Recruiting Effective Sales People

Course Overview


  1. Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Importance of Sales Function
  • Key Definitions


  1. Sales Candidacy: Assessment
  • The Meaning of Selling
  • Three Critical Questions
  • ARE vs. DO
  • Two categories of Psychological Tests
  • Cost – Consequential Testing


  1. Sales Candidacy: Predicting Sales Ability
  • Reliable Predictor of Sales Success
  • Functional Dimensions of the Sales Process
  • Understanding Fear of Self-Promotion
  • Call-Reluctance Model & Definition
  • Understanding Impostors
  • Basic Research on Call Reluctance


  1. Sales Candidacy: Identifying Sales Call Reluctance
  • The Twelve Faces of Sales Call Reluctance
  • Incidence of Call Reluctance


  1. Sales Candidacy: Evaluating Test Results
  • SPQ GOLD – Sales Development Report Review
  • SPQ GOLD – Sales Development Report Sections
  • SPQ GOLD – Summary Report
  • SPQ GOLD – Interpretation Guidelines
  • Additional Resources


Scientific Sales Selection – Course Skill Building Exercises

In each of the exercises below, individuals will work in small groups.


Exercise 1 – Interpreting the SPQ GOLD

  • Actual Case Studies
  • Interpreting Test Results; Making Selection Decisions
  • Assessing Background Information


Exercise 2 – Spotting Sales Call Reluctance

  • Actual Case Study
  • Using Skills to Identify Correct Profile
  • Assessing Additional Background Information; Making Selection Decisions


Exercise 3 – Using Multiple Sources of Information

  • Actual Case Study
  • Interpreting Sales Assessment #1
  • Interpreting Sales Assessment #2


Exercise 4 – Picking the Top Sales Prospectors

  • Champion Scholarship Recognition

At the end of the course participants will receive accreditation certificates.

More information about the course can be downloaded here.

Here you will find course information in Swedish.


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