Our Team


Christer B Jansson

Christer B Jansson is a founder and CEO of Confident Approach. He is also a founder of the Call Reluctance Institute of Europe 2011, Belbin Svenska AB 1991 and Belbin Malta 2011. Christer B Jansson has a background as a sales manager, marketing manager and since 1989 as a consultant in the area of leadership, sales and team development. Since 1997, Christer B Jansson has been lecturing Belbin Team Role theory in the department of Psychology at Stockholm University. He is committed with helping large organisations improve their sales productivity.


Inger Melkersson

Inger Melkersson is a co-founder of Confident Approach. She has an MBA in Business Administration. She is an accredited trainer in Belbin Team Role theory and has trained more than 300 consultants and trainers in Europe. Inger is the Managing Director of Belbin Malta and has a background as a marketing manager and consultant in Sweden’s largest consulting group Mercuri International.


Vladimir Djordjevic

Vladimir Djordjevic is a Business Development Manager and Consultant at Confident Approach, in charge for developing new markets in Europe, developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies and developing relationships with target organizations for business development. He holds an MBA degree and he is passionate to help companies develop/improve their sales and business development productivity. Prior to his involvement with Confident Approach he has worked as an Independent Marketing Consultant. He is accredited as a Belbin Team Role Associate, advanced user of SPQ Gold Assessment and Selling Style Profile Analysis and accredited to instruct “The Fear Free Prospecting and Self Promotion Workshop”.


Anders Wennergren

Anders Wennergren co-owner since 2018. Former CEO of Mercuri International and also Co-owner of QualitySales AB. He has a great experience of sales training, building sales academies and different costs when it comes to the sales process in different companies and have a focus to reduce that by using new research tools and competence. Anders had been using Call Reluctance in several of Sales forces as employed responsible and since 2015 , as a consultant, for clients national and international.