73% positive effect 

We are proud that we have succeeded in helping our clients predict high and low sales producers with up to 73% accuracy. So, what have the concept of reducing Sales Call Reluctance in sales organizations resulted in? I can only speak for the client I worked with, when consultant we trained told me what they achieved together with their client and what our researchers have found.

First is a company that the only thing they have done is to put in our test as a screening tool for recruitment of telephone sales people. Before we met they have an increase in turnover of 20% now it´s 50% They say that not all of the increase come from that, but a substantial part and they have new high performers they would not hire before. The sales people also stay longer which reduces the recruitment cost even if test cost have gone up. The company is happy to be a talked to so just call me and I give you the contact person.

During the years I have done a lot with DHL in Europe and Sweden. It´s some time ago and one of the managers then is still there and was also a trainer and have some fantastic results to talk about as when he helped 40 sales people that all was made redundant when from achieving 20 new customers a week to 200 a week as a group. 37 of the 40 got there job back. Just contact me and he will talk to you too.

Other consultant’s report figures like that too that we have trained in running workshop and coaching in Sales Call Reluctance to unleash the potential in organizations. I have great results when working with the partners and top managers for KPMG Malta as well and so have our consultant in Estonia as well after working with KPMG in Estonia. Same here, contact me and you will get our contact person.

If you want to talk to Swedish Consultants that have a lot of experience and have great results working with Sales Call Reluctance we have them to. Again, we are just one call, mail, SMS away if you want to talk to them.

Yes, there is both multinational companies her, family companies, large companies, small companies, individuals all that have benefit from working with their sales call reluctance as this release their potential.

If I look at our supplier and how long they have been working with this, we have a lot of examples from most industries and tons of articles if you want to read more. You can buy the book about Sales Call Reluctance at Amazon and it´s even translated into Swedish. Will see what next language will be. There are pods, videos on You tube to listen to as well if you need more information to act. But do you really need more you already know that your organization needs this, or you wouldn’t have been interested in this. So please contact us so we together can estimate if an investment to release your sales potential through Sales Call Reluctance will pay back in 3-6 month as it normally does. Depends on selling cycles of course.